The Story of Everything is Produced and Presented by Engaging the Senses Foundation. 


Starring Kealoha with Kauʻi Kanakaʻole, Taimane, Jamie Nakama, Jonathan Clarke Sypert, Jory Horn, and the Quadraphonix. Solomon Enos (artworks).


Kealoha, Hawaiʻi’s Poet Laureate and MIT Nuclear Physics graduate, condenses 13.7 billion years into a 1-hour and 45 minute multimedia stage show! The Story of Everything is a creation story (in epic poem format) that dramatizes explanations for human origin, drawing from sources as diverse as the Big Bang theory, disco, genetics, Michael Jackson, and the Kumulipo – the 18th-century Hawaiian creation oli. This production explores how various cultural elements and scientific disciplines can be used to approach a question about existence that has challenged humans from the very beginning.


The evening will feature visual art projections by Solomon Enos, musical performances by Taimane and the Quadraphonix, oli presented by Kauʻi Kanakaʻole, and dancing by Jonathan Clarke Sypert, Jamie Nakama, and Jory Horn. It ends with a profound provocation for the audience and the world: “Where do we go from here? What’s next?"


This show is produced and presented by Engaging the Senses Foundation, an organization dedicated to illuminating the intersection of art and mindfulness. Additional support provided by Hawai`i Pacific University and Chaminade University. Past support for the development of this show provided by The Native Arts and Cultures Foundation (NACF), the Leonard & Rose Freeman Family Fund of the Hawai`i Community Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, the Ford Foundation, and Kalliopeia Foundation.

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